Chapter 21 & 22: PAMPERED BY THE
OVERBEARING CEO — Her Overprotective Husband

{After Rebirth…..}

THEME:Her Overprotective Husband
Chapter 21🩸22
By,Mha Rhy
Genre; Romance & fantasy
Ningqing slumped down as she realized that Junxi wasn’t joking

“Junxi where did I go wrong? Did I do something that makes you unhappy? She cried

“Ningqing you did not wrong me,I just felt we need a brea_


“Which is why I don’t want this relationship again, Ningqing if you still have some shame left as a woman, leave my house and stop acting like a golddigger!!

“You will regret this!! She said coldly and turns her back on him before striding out of the apartment

Junxi slumped on the couch and closed his eyes sighing softly

“Even without your help, I can get Xin’er and her properties!

“Without your help Ningqing,I can make Mingchen suffer and trample on his reputation” he thought with killing intent


Ningqing was scared as she walked through the dark street

It was late and everywhere was quiet, Junxi street was a secluded area so getting a taxi could be very difficult especially at night

Ningqing cursed Junxi for being so ruthless, how could he be so inconsiderate?? He was never like this? Is it probably because of Xin’er??

Thinking of this possibility, Ningqing couldn’t help but to blame Xin’er

She felt if Xin’er had divorced Mingchen, this wouldn’t have happen

Ningqing was still lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the movement behind her

The two drunkards behind her look at each other and smile slyly

“Pretty girl,do you need a company”??? One of the drunkard asked huskily which made her paused

She turns back and her eyes widened seeing the two

“Who are you?? If you dare try to harm me! I will shout for help!! She threatened but inside her heart, she was so scared

The two men laughed at her naiveness

“Little girl do you think anyone will save you from us tonight? One of the man asked mockingly and Ningqing body trembles

Of course she knew no one can save her especially at a time like this

“Don’t…you..dare.. come closer?? She stuttered in fear as she saw the two men walking closer to her

“Don’t be shy little girl,we will surely take care of you” the second man said with infatuation

Ningqing became more scared and before the man could get closer, she picked her race

The men didn’t expect her move but immediately they started chasing after her

“Bîtch! It is better you stop now? Do you really think you can escape from us?? One of the men shouted as they chased after her

“F**k you two!! Ningqing cursed out angrily and increased her pace

She could see the intersection across her,she believes that as long as she is able to get there,she is surely going to find help

With a fighting spirit, Ningqing run faster while the men chased after her

Just as she got to the intersection, she collided with a coming car and unexpectedly got hit

The men chasing her on seeing this became scared and immediately turns to the opposite direction using the chance to escape.

“How could dad do this to us? How did he wants us to survive?? Quanci who had just woken up not long ago lamented with tears in her eyes

Mulan sighed as she listens to her daughter, she knew this was a big blow to her precious daughter

“Quanci don’t worry,I will find a way to beg your father” she tried to assure her daughter

“Mom you’ve been married to dad for so many years,do you think dad will ever joke with his words, am sure he had been planning to sent us away for a long time?? Quanci yelled in tears

“Quanci don’t say that about your father!! You know your dad can never do that!! Mulan reprimanded

“Then what should I think?? How could he think of deserting us just for his reputation?? Quanci angrily shouted

“This is all because of the Gu family, all because of Gu Nian who insisted on getting Quanci married to Mingchen! Mulan thought with hatred in her heart


Inside a dark dungeon, a tattered woman could be sitting on the ground with back resting on the wall

Her hair was dishevel and different scratches and marks were

Her body trembles as she heard the dungeon gate open followed by pairs of footsteps

“How does it feels to be here?? A cold familiar voice

Seeing the miserable state Gu Nian is, Wenbin smile slyly

“Is this honourable mistress of the Gu family?! Wenbin’s tone was full of mocking

“Gu Wenbin please let me go,I promise not to interfere in Mingchen’s affairs again! Please I want to go home?? Nian cried in despair

“Really you want me to let you go? He asked and she nodded her head vigorously with tears rushing out

“Then why didn’t you let Zhao go when she begged you like this??? Wenbin asked angrily

Hearing that name, Nian body’s stiffened

That name was like a nightmare to her just like that of Zhou Ming (Xin’er’s mother)

Zhao was once a Nanny in the Gu family before she lost her life

She was just like a mother to Gu Mingchen as she was the one who brought him up till he was ten years old

Gu Nian never had time for her family even after giving birth to Mingchen

All her time were devoted into her job and also chasing after Wang Shaoming (Xin’er’s father)

Because of this, Gu Mingchen became close to Zhao and started calling her mother while Wenbin couldn’t help falling for her

Zhao was a beautiful lady who grew up in the countryside and because of her dedication,she was hired by the GU’s family

After realizing that she will never get Shaoming, Nian decided to face her family but it was a slap on her face when she saw her husband and son being close to Zhao, a filthy nanny

In anger and jealousy,she kidnapped Zhao who was already pregnant with Wenbin’s child and forced Wenbin to leave Zhao or else she will kill her and the unborn child

Wenbin had no choice than to surrender as Gu Nian had the former Gu patriarch(Mingchen’s grandfather) support

In order to save Zhao, Wenbin had to let her go but unfortunately Zhao lost her life and that of her unborn child in an accident the day she was to returned to her village

Since then Wenbin and Mingchen hatred for Gu Nian intensified that they never want to have anything to do with her again

Thinking about this, Wenbin body and soul became cold,his gaze became icy with no emotions

“I will make you suffer in pains just like you did to Zhao, I will make you beg for death Gu Nian, because seeing you in pains is the only way I can avenge Zhao death!! Wenbin heartlessly said before walking out of the dungeon

Nian wanted to scream but her voice got choked in her throat that no words could leave her mouth,all she could do was to cry hoping this nightmare will end soon

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OVERBEARING CEO — Her Overprotective Husband

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